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Pointless of myself.
Monday, 15 May 2017 | 08:24 | 0comments

At some point, you will feel that 'stress' and you forgot everything. You forgot to do this and that. You forgot to eat, to act nice, to smile and all the positive vibe will fade.

At some point, you feel relax when you heard that song. You are in that situation when you say, " oh, this song fits me well. I need to hear this song everyday".

At some point, you miss your mom and dad. You miss them. You miss them.

At some point, you just want to cry and sleep. 12 hours won't be enough 😅.

And to this point, you must think your future. Come on girl, you can do this. It is the beginning. How u can survive till the end if u fall at only the beginning 💪💪💪

Love note to dearest myself.
2323 hrs.

9 disember
Friday, 9 December 2016 | 06:54 | 0comments
Greeting Text

assignment dah settle separuh. belek2 post lama kat blog and i be like 'wey, bila masa aku ada update mcm ni'. tak senonohnya ayat. okay post deleted.

Tahniah ayah ika sebab dah jadi suami kepada mak baru ika. hewhew. konon nak cuti beli tiket flight, tapi sebab ada kelas terpaksa cancel plan nk balik johor.

post harini pendek2 je sebab mood lain macam.

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